Happy Sunday!

Sunday is usually my day to do whatever I want or need to do to just recharge for the week.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m completely serious!  I often work Sundays, but since tonight is a night shift with one of my favorite coworkers, even that feels like a break!

Since I love when other bloggers link to awesome things outside their blogs on Sundays, I’m hoping to make that a regular feature here on Marvelous Darling.  If you have submission ideas, Tweet me!  You can find my Twitter info over on the right hand menu.

& I found this list of Henry Miller’s 11 writing commandments over at Gala Darling and I’m about to Post-It them above my desk.

& Do you already obsessively check PostSecret every Sunday?  If not, this Sunday is as good as any to start.  I like to think that everyone will find at least one secret each week that will resonate with them somehow.

& I am far, far away from getting married, but Rock N’ Roll Bride is full of amazingly different wedding ideas that are definitely worth a peek, even just for eye candy!

& Is anyone else kind of obsessed with Harney & Sons tea tins?  As much as I love tea, I keep being tempted to buy them just to put things in them!  If I could, I would straight up build an entire house out of brightly colored tea tins.

Alton Brown is my main Food Network man, so if you have some time today and want something super extra yummy for dinner, give his Baked Mac N’ Cheese a try!

I’ll be back very soon with the next installment of What’s the Buzz? and until then,

Safe & sexy,