I’m sorry.  If anyone missed me, I really am sorry.  I had a couple of very busy weeks, and then once I found myself with some time, I found myself with a little bit of a heartache on my hands.

So, what the shit has been happening while I’ve been gone, you ask?  I’ve taken three exams, on which I scored 97, 86, and 90 percents.  I developed my first print in Black and White Photography 1 (which I wish I could show you but I can’t get my phone to send the photo).  And I realized that love does not conquer all, especially when all includes extreme incompatibility.  

Why on earth are we ever told that love conquers all?  That’s moronic.  Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way, but it should mean that love can overcome any obstacle.  I do truly believe that you can love someone with whom you are incompatible, and with whom you do not have a future.  I really don’t think that devalues your love, it just makes a healthy relationship impossible.  I did not love any of my exes any less because we are now apart.  What I felt in the moment was completely real and shouldn’t be devalued.  What should be considered is that we ultimately weren’t any good for each other, and love was no match for that.

I wish that I could tell every single person I’ve spent time with, romantically, no matter how little time or how insignificant, that I appreciated their time.  I’ve had what I would consider “great loves” already in my lifetime.  I’m thankful to have had them in my life, even if they’re now out of it completely.  I hope the time comes where I can say this to at least some of them, as I’ve already considered breaking the silence that’s recently been imposed with this exact sentiment.

Maybe the best part of trying to move on is that I have a lot of newfound energy to do things, to try to strike out on my own.  I spent an extra two hours in the photo lab today, first developing film and then making my first print.  I would really like to start exercising more, on purpose, and not just when I miss the bus.  I’m finally back to blogging after my hiatus.  I’ve just generally felt more at ease, more vibrant.  I can’t wait to go camping next weekend, and I’ll try to bring some pictures back to show off.